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    • yearbook1917i081: The Philomathean Club

    • Beaver Murdock Academy--Beaver (Beaver County, Utah); School yearbooks
    • The Philomathean Club. During the year 1915, eight live, active students, after much seriousness, organized a club which they christened the "Philomathean," meaning "Love of learning and letters." From that day until the present the club has been...
    • Page 65

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 66 believed that abuse was rare in their community, but because of the distrust of the dominant culture and especially leadership figures, polygamists often did not see appealing to police or social programs as an option to...
    • Page 94

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 95 good people outside of their community, the risk for some was too great and they decided not to participate in disseminating the community’s message. Through this difficult process of shifting from assertive separation to...
    • Page 15

    • Employee Giving 16 gave a benefit to each employee in exchange for his/her consideration of a donation (Appendix B). Publicity was also a component of the campaign, particularly as teams reached 100% participation. Congratulatory emails were sent...
    • Page 209

    • THE WEB 210 150 􀀹􃤀􀁈􄠀􀁆􄘀􀁗􅜀􀁒􅈀􀁕􅔀􀀃􀌀􀁙􅤀􀁖􅘀􀀑􁄀􀀃􀌀􀁕􅔀􀁄􄐀􀁖􅘀􀁗􅜀􀁈􄠀􀁕􅔀􀀃􀌀􀁌􄰀􀁐􅀀􀁄􄐀􀁊􄨀􀁈􄠀􀁖􅘀􀀃􀍄 Digital graphics come in two...
    • Page 227

    • THE WEB 228 168 optimize these touch points. Here is an example of the conversion process using touch points: 􀀑􁄀􀀎􀸀 􀀹􃤀􀁏􄼀􀁕􅔀 􀀈􀠀􀁔􅐀􀁈􄠀􀁅􄔀...
    • Page 25

    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 20 mentioned in response to survey questions are already being addressed either on a department or division level. One such item mentioned twice in survey responses was a suggestion to include a list of “need to know...
    • Page 88

    • Each section of the four documents found in Sections One and Two (Undergraduate Consent Changes, Graduate Consent Changes, Undergraduate Substantive Changes, Graduate Substantive Changes) is split into numbered sections. A picture of each section...
    • Page 122

    • 115 March 2, 2010 Dear Parents, Your child is being invited to take part in a research study to encourage an interest in mathematics. The study will include real life math problems integrating Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. For...
    • Page 12

    • 9 Gentry (2004) states that there are five different methods of spelling instruction used in these basals, the instruction associated with each of the five methods varies greatly. Method one is what Gentry calls the “one size fits all” spelling...
    • Page 10

    • KUDZU Leadership 11 evaluation of the work was a valuable tool for learning about what I did well and what areas can be improved. One reason Kudzu principles work for a presentation regarding a topic as broad as leadership is the uniqueness of the...
    • Page 75

    • KUDZU Leadership 76 other questions was very successful. I had a hard time getting participants to stop their conversations and come back to the presentation. One pair of participants had known each other for nine years. When asked during the...
    • Page 5

    • STUDENT NEWSPAPER 6 cover the whole campus including faculty, staff and the non-traditional student. To help create a comprehensive, well-written, unbiased student paper at Snow College, I have created a handbook for students to assist them in...
    • Page 33

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 29 media arises from pre-existing needs (Sundar & Limperos, 2013). It's the individual's needs, not the masses, that are sought out to be gratified (LaRose & Eastin, 2004). These needs include passing time,...
    • Page 49

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 45 it may or may not get played, but your communication line to the station was there" (S. Schmeling, personal communication, November 11, 2013). With a live DJ answering the phone "the DJ was interacting with...
    • Page 43

    • 38 pre-conference survey, the SUECON board structured the conference based on participants’ preferences, rather than directed by administrative or district officials—although key in supporting the conference. Additionally, the majority of...
    • Page 46

    • 41 structured follow-up and support, all but one of the sample population applied learned skills into their classroom routines. Many of the implementations were simple, such as including supplemental material or using a different technology to...
    • Page 35

    • iGRIEVE 31 more appealing than experiences in similar face-to-face relationships. Hyperpersonal draws on the immediacy of social media. People are able to know bits and pieces of each other’s lives through constant surveillance of each post and...


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