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    • On Saturday night, scheduled as the last night of the meet, it was still anybody's tournament, with a possibility of a four-team tie which would necessitate the continuance of the battle to Monday. This possi-bility, as the games progressed,...
    • 1927 173

    • i^ John censoring some boys for loiter-ing in the hall, argued: "If everybody were to stand in the hall, how could anybody get by?T> "I low is Fae feeling after the acci-dent?" "She's no better." "Is she conscious?" "Yes, she's conscious but she...
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    • no travel by way of Pine Creek and Wildcat Canyon for weeks. The travel went down the canyon west of Milford - so I did not know what to do. My horses were worn out, and to make that big circle would delay me for days. I finally decided to try it...
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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 16 Heber J. Grant understood that he needed to receive the blessing of John W. Woolley but because of his jealousy and overinflated ego, was unwilling to accept that another person held a higher power than himself. Because...
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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 54 their community and help their own children become well-rounded and “comprehensively literate” members of the community. The people of Centennial Park recognized that the stigma associated with the polygamous lifestyle...
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    • Running Head: EVENT INTERNSHIP PROSPECTUS 70  Bingham Cyclery 1895 S. Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT 84403 (801) 399-4981  Contact: Adam  Canyon Sports Outlet 699 W. Riverdale Road, Riverdale, UT 84405 (801) 621-4662  Contact: Ask for...
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    • Running Head: EVENT INTERNSHIP PROSPECTUS 72  Go-Ride Downhill and Mountain Bikes 3232 S. 400 E., #300, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, (801) 474-0081  Guthrie Bicycle 803 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (801) 484-0404 Contact:...
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    • Running Head: EVENT INTERNSHIP PROSPECTUS 74  Alpine Sports 1165 Patterson St., Ogden, UT 84403, (801) 393-0066 Contact: Anybody can help  Peak Performance 1895 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT 84401, (801) 475-0111  Striders Running Store 1776...
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    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 43 little. I don’t scream it from the rooftops. When I have to fill out forms and can’t write anything on the “employer” line, I feel like less of a person” (Tena, 2011, para. 8). In a sense, these women feel like their...
    • Page 183

    • No pirates no princesses 178 able to say this is the value and get that and maybe a little bit more. So I want my kids to know that it‘s fine to have things and to want to pursue them, and there‘s nothing wrong with, I mean I spent a lot of...
    • Page 197

    • No pirates no princesses 192 they didn‘t get the strong foundation they might not recognize something as being wrong and fall that way and get sucked in very quickly. I: It seems to me, if you could use a word to describe it, would it be,...
    • Page 107

    • Urie Meat Market "Where they treat you right" FINEST OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRESH AND CURED MEATS STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FISH AND TROPICAL FRUITS IN SEASON GEO. K. URIE, Proprietor Cedar City, Utah A young gentleman at a ball, in...
    • Page 107

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 108 Client: Please provide any additional thoughts or comments regarding your experience with the communication between you and Tobler & Associates. Text Response My car was totaled by an extreme DUI ASU student from...
    • Page 68

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 64 Radio has built a reputation in the past by its ability to be live and local and immediate. When news is breaking or critical information needed to be broadcast, a live DJ had the ability to share that...
    • Page 100

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 96 Appendix 4 Interviews Bill Handel November 4, 2013 Radio Host (local and syndicated) KFI / Clear Channel Los Angeles, CA 1. What is radio's future? I have mixed feelings on that. We thought that terrestrial...
    • Page 101

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 97 9. Why did people listen to the radio? It was all entertainment, all they had was newspapers. You can't do newspaper communally. You have this box; the entire family would sit about after dinner. It brought...
    • Page 103

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 99 No I think radio can. Radio has become content driven by the way its disseminated You are going to see radio stations not being radio stations anymore. That's what Clear Channel is doing, it's not even...
    • Page 112

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 108 Dave Dart November 4, 2013 Production, Broadcast Specialist Same Day Voice Over Los Angeles, CA 1. What is radio's future? Hard to say. There are so many things going on, that it is like . . . I don't know...


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