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    • Animal College Trip to Zion Canyon \ four o'clock Friday, October *^ 11, a crowd of college students boarded cars for Zion Canyon. At 8 o'clock the truck drove up to a huge bon fire just below and south of Angel's landing. Of course it re-ceived a...
    • Geary, Elmo -- Plate XXVI, Dramatics At Lawrence

    • Emery County (Utah) Archives; Drama; Plays; Geary, Elmo; Drama; Plays; Actors; Schools; Lawrence (Utah); Day, Doratha; Lawrence School
    • Geary, Elmo. Plate XXVI, Dramatics in Lawrence from the book Dramatics in Castle Valley 1875 to 1925, by Elmo Geary, 1953. Fig. 1 The Old Meeting House in Lawrence that also served as a play house in the early settlement days. Fig.2 Doratha Day,...
    • Geary, Elmo -- Plate XXXIX, Castle Dale Players Abroad

    • Emery County (Utah) Archives; Castle Dale (Utah); Drama; Plays; Actors; Geary, Elmo; Cox, Reid; Ungerman, Max; Bunnell, Nellie; Oveson, Sara; Seely, Ora; Overson, Merrill; Day, Alice; Peterson, Rex; Snow, Perry; Clawson, Audrey; Hollywood
    • Geary, Elmo. Plate XXXIX, Castle Dale Players Abroad. Dramatics in Castle Valley 1875 to 1925. Salt Lake City, Utah: University of Utah, 1953. Fig. 1 It Pays To Advertise cast: Reid Cox, Max Underman, Nellie Bunnell, Sara Oveson, Ora Seely, Merrill...
    • Page 466

    • 1986. Unanimous. (Water rate in 1968 was $8 per quarter, or $2.67 per month. Water rate is now 6 times higher. ) Motion to amend the Sewer Ordinance to put into effect a 33% increase, from $4.50 to $6 per month. Also, a motion was made setting the...
    • Page 177

    • Tenitory of Utah will come, it being only about four hundred and fifty miles &om San Diego on the Pacific coast, a distance frequently traveled in ten days. I renewed my acquaintance with the President, Henry Lunt, with much pleasure, and I...
    • Page 509

    • Dixie, Utah's, 229 Dog Valley, 3 1 Done, Catherine, 3 Dry Creek, 24,32 Dnimmond, Judge, 199 Dunbar, William C., 182 D u n a Chapman, stockholder in Mining District, 289 Duncan, Homer, Vice President of Iron Works, 28 1 Duncan, John C., stockholder...
    • Page 39

    • No pirates no princesses 34 Method for this study The nature of phenomenology eludes a strict and absolute method. Hycner (1999) has claimed that a method can‘t be forced upon it. This study derives a method from Moustakas and uses a framework...
    • Page 57

    • No pirates no princesses 52 cultural seepage have either moved to smaller towns (Las Vegas, NV to Parowan, UT) or planned moves (Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL). Some mothers chose to homeschool their children to avoid the inevitable influence from...
    • Page 71

    • No pirates no princesses 66 Kane and Tedeschi, 1997). The classic ―bobo doll‖ study of Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) demonstrated that children model unusual levels of aggressiveness after viewing an adult‘s aggression toward the object. An...
    • Page 161

    • No pirates no princesses 156 didn‘t used to create visually. So now he‘s being inundated by imagery and noise and volume, there‘s no way they‘d imagine it at that age. I: So there‘s a gap you determine if there‘s a gap in their...
    • Page 162

    • No pirates no princesses 157 products and services. You probably had a certain understanding of this that others wouldn‘t. M: Well, I‘ve always been an actress that the meat and potatoes has been the commercial world, so there‘s always been...
    • Page 37

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 33 Minimization The accused attempts to minimize the harm or damage caused by the offensive act. For example, former pharmaceutical drug Hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement, was claimed to have been the...


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