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    • "KH, ]G, TW,Volunteer Initials; RW, Right Wrist; MTH,Mouth; pas, Positive epithelial cell control; HB, Human Blood on Duct tape (positive Control); NEG,Negative control; lJNKN, Unknown epithelial cell sample ~T,NoTarget; OC,Overconcentrated; BT,...
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    • 11 INCLUSION: IN SERVICE TRAINING least restrictive to meet their individual needs. According to Essex (2008), the least restrictive environment begins with placement in the everyday classroom. However, IDEA recognizes that all children do not fit in...
    • Page 141

    • 131 compared with previous research travel motives for respondents of this study are similar to those surveyed for Macao (McCartney et al., 2008). Such motives as relaxing physically and mentally and experiencing a new culture were determined to be...
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    • 137 study might be more effective if it were to be distributed to a broader, more generalizable population. Distributing it among more diverse population samples, such as neighboring countries of Austria, will provide richer research data and...
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    • 15 achievement in reading is higher at the end of the school year than it was at the beginning of the year (Al Otaiba, Kosanovich-Grek, Torgesen, Hassler, & Wahl, 2005). One study shows that, when using ability grouping for reading instruction,...
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    • 16 lasting and effective. Time becomes one of the most important factors when evaluating organizational support; allowances and accommodations must be made to provide teachers appropriate time to utilize learned skills to their fullest potential...
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    • 18 measured as the ability to understand narrative and expository text, shown in a national sample of students (Campbell, Voelkl, & Donahue, 1997). At all three ages studied (9,13, and 17 years), the more highly engaged readers showed higher...
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    • 1988 1989 WON BY IANCH AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE 1907- WON BY BRANCH AGRICULJUR, Lillian Bunker, AL'MCS L, Jack I ostcr, Anna Leign. Mcn/ics Macfarlane, l',il-.\, Grant ll.-llu-rs, Riiy B. VX'cst. .lack I Vic. \a Hunter, Ar.lolli McKniulil. BACIAN...
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    • 22 Furthermore, Marinak and Gambrill have suggested that books as rewards for increased reading are a gratifying, successful reward for students. Specifically, when offering extrinsic rewards for reading, books are less undermining to intrinsic...
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    • 22 role in the implementation of AES systems. Teacher, however, have the ultimate responsibility to determine if an AES program in is the best interest of the students. Teacher Role in MyAccess! Program The teacher is meant to play a valuable role in...
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    • 27 3. The comprehensiveness and validity of the outline has been assessed by the only professional advanced chemistry educators in ICSD and the researcher who also has AP Chemistry education experience. As required by the Southern Utah University...
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    • 3 Relations. These stages describe students’ spelling behavior as they move from one level of word knowledge to the next. Alphabetic Spelling: consonants, short vowels, segmentations, which compasses the period in time from kindergarten and first...
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    • 32 Participants’ Use of New Knowledge and Skills The success of any professional development endeavor lies principally in implementing learned skills. A conference may be a great experience, creating enthusiasm, inspiring collaboration, and...
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    • 4 show the implications of the rate at which each group progresses. Past research has monitored the progress of students, but has concentrated on risk factors and/or just one ability group. The purpose of this study was to examine the academic...
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    • 43 compared to the non-attendee population. However, if the theory holds true that more qualified teachers attend professional development, the scores would, once again, reflect significant gains among those who attended. In the final analysis, the...
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    • 45 Results and Explanations The composite scores in the reading portion of the MAP assessment showed double and triple the expected gains by students who read from the SETHL. Total non-readers achieved expected growth of 4 points, while students...
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    • 49 revision. Based on these results it seems that for the MyAccess program to affect students performance on the DWA, there is a need give students ample opportunity to write on different prompts, and to revise those prompts. Too many prompts with...
    • Page 69

    • 65 progress monitoring scores), emphasis on project success was not initially profoundly placed with marked reading fluency score improvement, but rather, reading enthusiasm and actual time spent reading both at home and at school were greater...
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    • 68 images to visitors and potential visitors from information points and web pages. Complimentary post cards, downloadable screen savers, and wallpapers that showcase Austria‘s attractions are just a few specific tools that can be used to promote...
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    • 75 Nevertheless, research information such as this should be collected as it will help DMOs and other tourism organizations in their efforts to most effectively market destinations. In summary, destination image is one of the most powerful...


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