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    • 1915 18

    • LESTER THORLEY. "I dare do all that may become a man· Who dare do more is none!" VERDA LYMAN. "Silence is the perfect herald of joy." Verda possesses the herald some­times, other times she talks. RASS JONES. He has done his school good...
    • 1916 35

    • WELLS WILLIAMS I'm slow in school, but my money on it, I'll soon be in with the '''vV ork· ll1an." BERNELLA GARDNER Student Editor. Knows everybody's business and has a string on sev­eral. (Fond of "Armstrong Heat­ers.") ALLDRIDGE THORLEY "I...
    • Page 210

    • protection. As the train meandered across central Arkansas, it grew to more than forty wagons, including several hundred blooded horses and a thousand head of cattle; the total wealth of the caravan was $70,000, by far one of the richest to cross...
    • Page 225

    • two or more weeks. President Young finally realiied that neither war nor peace would stop the threat of federal control of Utah. The Saints accepted the Presidential proclamation of Arnnesty and agreed to exchange their promise of loyalty for the...
    • Socotwa text: page 013

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • light red limestone which we saw for the remainder of the trip. The walls of the canyon were lower, but no less rugged than they had been previously; and our experienced eyes could now more quickly sight the tell-tale talus of an abandoned mine. We...
    • Page 53

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 54 their community and help their own children become well-rounded and “comprehensively literate” members of the community. The people of Centennial Park recognized that the stigma associated with the polygamous lifestyle...
    • Page 90

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 91 Although nothing can replace the loss of a parent, the loss was made easier because of the strength of the family and the closeness of the community. After returning to the other dinner guests, we all talked about their...
    • Page 129

    • THE WEB 130 70 Software prototyping draws many of its methods from industrial de􀀍􀵳 sign prototyping. Johnny Ive, a renowned industrial designer and the mind behind the design of many Apple computer products, said, “I love making prototypes....
    • Page 47

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 48 The design of this study did not include demographic indicators, nor did this study seek to identify causal effects associated with the correlations that emerged through this research. This is due, in part,...
    • Page 48

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 49 would rather bow to group pressure and agree with an incorrect answer than stand their ground against the group. In a similar study, Noelle-Neumann (1984) conducted the “train test” to gauge group...
    • Page 49

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 50 future research may investigate whether preference for group leadership correlated with psychological domain is strong enough to hold up to group conformity or bows to spurts of silence. Future research...
    • Page 65

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 66 Marken, G.A., (1999), Improving your leadership skills. Public Relations Quarterly, 5, 40-41. Maslow, A. H. (1954). The instinctoid nature of basic needs. Journal of Personality, 54, 326-348. Matsuzawa, T....
    • Page 14

    • Emotions in Conflict 9 hammering out one's concerns, not allowing the other person to speak, and refusing to listen. A person using this style generally will fail to cooperate in agreements that don't fully meet his or her needs or...
    • Page 25

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 21 the other. They suggest that this happened with the dualism of male/female, with male becoming the valued term in the hierarchy (Cirksena & Cuklanz, 1992, p. 20). This hierarchal ranking consequently results in the oppression of...
    • Page 76

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 72 Houston, M., & Kramarae, C. (1991). Speaking from silence: Methods of silencing and of resistance. Discourse and Society, 2, 387-399. Howe, F (Ed.). (2000). Politics of women’s studies: Testimony from thirty founding mothers....
    • Page 79

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 75 Porter, E. (2006, March 02). Stretched to limit, women stall march to work. The New York Times. Retrieved from Rakow, L. F. (Ed.). (1992). Women making meaning: New feminist directions in communication....
    • Page 23

    • P a g e | 23 our emotional world that is deadened. The world of our creative imagination and intelligence is also impoverished (Sherrard, 1986). We must realize by now that our so-called deceptive inventions constructed and manufactured to complete...
    • Page 68

    • P a g e | 68 TABLE 3 – CHINA VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Religions: Daoist (Taoist), Buddhist, Muslim 1-2%, Christian 3-4%. Language: Silence speaks in structured meetings. Rather than cause disagreements...


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