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    • DigiTrends Increasing Disk Capacities The original floppy diskette for PCs held only 180 KB of storage. Over the years, this was replaced by higher capacity floppies and then by 3.5 inch diskettes. Today, USB “thumb drives” can hold 8, 16, or...
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    • Most digital hardware systems require an operating system. Application software talks to the operating system, which in turn talks to the hardware (see Table 1-1). Most modern operating systems use graphical user interfaces or GUI (gooey) for...
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    • Figure 3.10 Displays for Digital Devices DigiTrends Display Developments Year Monitor Type Developer(s) Explanation 1976 CPU Encased Apple First B&W monitors encased in the CPU box 1977 Detached Apple First non-CPU encased monitor for Apple II 1977...
    • Page 37

    • ACTIVITIES & DISCUSSIONS The following are potential topics for a paper or class discussion. DigiTrends: ! Increasing Disk Capacities (p.50): Visit a web site that sells computer disk drives. What is the smallest fixed disk available at the site?...
    • Page 68

    • Intro to the Internet 55 and Web Page Design The format supports up to eight bits of color per pixel resulting in 256 distinct colors. The GIF image format is used for illustrations, small pictures, icons, clip art, roll-over effects, animations,...
    • Page 49

    • 43 Figure 13 – Curriculum for Digital forensics baccalaureate program University General Education (36 – 40 credit hours) Depends on the university, the students will take general subjects recommended by the university. It is recommended for...
    • Page 51

    • 45 but had a solid foundation in computer science or information system. iii. Future student with a degree that was related to digital forensics. A master program in digital forensics can provide three tracks for the future student to choose. They...
    • Page 55

    • 49 The Digital forensics component covers advanced computer science and information technology skills. Students would be able to use advanced digital forensics analysis tools to recover potential evidence from physical media storage that comes...
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    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 10 So, why do people listen to the radio? According to the uses and gratifications theory, "individuals actively seek out certain forms of media in a goal directed and rational way that will provide them with...
    • Page 130

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 126 Paul Ihander November 5, 2013 News Director/Assistant Program Director Bonneville Media Phoenix, AZ 1. What is radio's future? That is an excellent question. There is no definitive answer when it comes to...
    • Page 149

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 145 18. What has been the impact from internal technology; Automation, satellite, syndication. (And) 19. What has been the impact from impact from external Internet technology: Internet, Podcasts, and...
    • Page 102

    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 97 23/// 00:00:48 23/// 00:41:38 Medic, move it. Stay awake out there guys. Shockley, get back to your business. Keyton, give ‘em a hand. Young VC: But we cannot just leave them...


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