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    • 1915 92

    • 1. Resting on the Desert. 4. Difficulties. ON THE, ROAD TO KANAB. 3. At Pipe Springs. 2. P'reparing for the Fight. 5. Moccasin Branch of the B. A. C.
    • 1901, Jan 17

    • Thurs. Jan. 17, 1901: Ther. Cooler, Wea. High winds (from the north.) Clear. I done the feeding at Two mile again; also the chores here at Pipe. Leigh got back from Kanab just as I was ready to go and feed the calves this evening. 5) Friday 18:...
    • 1901, Jan 19

    • Sat. Jan. 19, 1901: Ther. Cool., Wea. breeze., Ptly. Cloudy. I went to Fredonia and got two cows and calves of Saunders’es brought them as far as Two Mile. Sat. 1 pm Jan 19th 1901. Wm L. Crawford, Fredonia, or Coconino Co., Arizona. 5) Sunday...
    • 1901, Jan 23

    • Wed. Jan. 23, 1901: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Partly Cloudy, I drove the two dogies that I left here before, over to Two Mile this afternoon, Jim Jolley and George Lytle camped here tonight. 5) Thursday 24: Ther. Cooler., Wea. Thin Clouds, I came...
    • 1901, Jan 29

    • Tues. Jan. 29, 1901: Ther. Warm am. Cooler pm Wea. Ptly. Cloudy Mr. Errickson, went up to Moccasin this fore-noon While he was gone Leigh and I took his team and got a load of wood so I only went to T.M. once today. Leigh and Errickson went back to...
    • 1901, Feb 4

    • Mon. Feb. 4, 1901: Ther. Cold., Wea. Cloudy, I came back from feeding via. moccasin and got some grain this morning. 5) Tuesday 5: Ther. Cool., Wea. Partly Cloudy I went to Kanab today to get some supplies. 6)
    • 1901, Feb 8

    • Fri. Feb. 8, 1901: Ther. Cold., Wea. Ptly Cloudy, Snow. Oriah Leigh started for home Ephraim Foremaster came over, we went to Moccasin and got a little grain this evening. Today finishes my first month’s work for Saunders. 5) Saturday 9: + Ther....
    • 1901, Feb 14

    • Thurs. Feb. 14, 1901: + Ther. Cool., Wea. Partly Cloudy, Nothing unusual happened here today. I finished feeding the first stack of hay today. 5) Friday 15: + Ther. Warmer., Wea. Thin clouds, H. Errickson brought six more calves over to day for me...
    • 1901, Feb 18

    • Mon. Feb. 18, 1901: Ther. Cool & Pleasant., Wea. Cloudy. I fed the calves as usual today. 5) Tuesday 19: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Ptly. Cloudy. I went to moccasin this morning and staid till after noon brought 68 lbs. oats back done my feeding as I...
    • 1901, Feb 24

    • Sun. Feb. 24, 1901: Ther. Cool., Wea. Clouds I went around via. Moccasin this morning and got some supplies. done a churning this afternoon. 5) Monday 25: Ther. Cool. Wea. thin clouds I done my feeding as usual. 5)
    • 1901, Mar 2

    • Sat. Mar. 2, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds Wind, thicker “ [clouds] pm. one of the dogies a two year old steer died this morning Mr. Foremaster came back from Fredonia and went to Moccasin to see about some hay there he camped here. 5) ...
    • 1901, Mar 6

    • Wed. Mar. 6, 1901: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Clear. thin Clouds, evening (some wind today) I went around via. Moccasin and got a little flour this evening. 5) Thursday 7: Ther. Cooler., Wea. Clouded up. High wind. Today finishes up the hay at Two...
    • 1901, Mar 8

    • Fri. Mar. 8, 1901: Ther. Cool., Wea. High wind, Rain. Cold., “ “ [High wind] Ptly cloudy pm I took the stock to Moccasin to be fed there To day finished my second month for G. Crapper and finishes my job of feeding cattle. 5) Saturday 9: +...
    • 1901, Mar 10

    • Sun. Mar. 10, 1901: Ther. Cool., Wea. Thin Clouds, Windy. George Crapper came over here this after-noon. I received word by telephone that Mr. Leigh was going home (to Cedar City) and wished me to stay until he got back. 5) Monday 11: + Ther....
    • 1904, Jan 28

    • Thurs. Jan. 28, 1904: Ther. Cold wind., Wea. Thin clouds Moved over across the road towards the Moccasin Mountain on the s-e side of the Dixie Knoll. Ezra went back home. 5) Friday 29: Ther. 10., 46., Wea. Thin clds We herded on the...
    • 1903, Jan 9

    • Fri. Jan 9, 1903: Ther. Fair., Colder., Wea. Ptly. cldy. snow. Mr. Finley inspected our sheep today. I herded east of camp this afternoon. E. Stevens had the toothache this evening so I let him stay in the wagon and I went over and slept in the...
    • 1903, Apr 13

    • Mon. April 13, 1903: Ther. Cold East wind., Wea. Thin clds. Pulled on to the white or red Sand-Hills passed the Moccasin road, divided the herd, and watered at a pond a short distance from the Sand-Wells. Camped at the little dry lake bottom. 61) ...
    • Page 147

    • not have enough horses. Brother Pugmire and Brother Bosnell refused very strongly to lend their horses to George Wood, Captain of the Minute Company. Two days later, Saturday, February 19, four of the men returned very early in the morning and...
    • Page 348

    • measles. While there, we boys learned how to make slat quail traps. Father bought us a sack of wheat for bait, and we climbed the sunny hillsides and found bare spots where the snow had melted 0% made a trail of wheat leading to the trap, then...


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