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    • 1908, page 32

    • 32 SOUTHERN BRANCH sists largely of the working of problems involving the laws of Physics. Class room experiments are performed by the teacher whenever necessary to make a principle more comprehensible. The fifty experiments outlined in the...
    • 1909, page 35

    • 35 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. Text. McPherson and Henderson's Elementary Chemistry. References: Newth's Inorganic Chemistry, Thorp's Outlines of Industrial Chemistry, Remsen's General Chemistry, etc. NATURAL SCIENCE. MR....
    • 1910, page 40

    • 40 Course in Physics." The laboratory manual used is Millikan and Gale's. References: Hopkins' "Experimental Science," Desehanel "Natural Philosophy," Barne's "Practical Accoustics," Edser "Heat for Advanced Students," Daniell "Text Book of...
    • 1911, page 8

    • 8 ner, 1905; China Work with Maud McPherson, Jennie Stewart; Oil Painting with Franz Bishoff, 1909; Instructor in Keith-O'Brien Art Studio; Conducted Private Studio in Salt Lake City, 1906-7-8; Charge Keith-O'Brien Art Department, 1910. ...
    • 1912, page 7

    • 7 MYRTLE DECKER, English and Elocution. A. B., U. of U., 1910; Life High School Diploma, 1910; Graduate of B. N. S., 1906; Student at U. of U. Summer School, CLIFFORD ASHLEY, Biology and French. A. B., U. of U., 1910; Certificate...
    • 1905, Nov 27

    • Mon. Nov. 27, 1905: Ther. Warm., S. wind Wea. Mostly cloudy, Mr. Young, the man we staid with last night was going into Hastings this morning so we got a ride that far, we posted our letters and came back into the district and went to work again,...
    • 1905, Nov 28

    • Tues. Nov. 28, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. West wind Mostly cldy. Finished tracting the district about noon. came to the school house to spend the after noon had a small attendance at our meeting tonight, were taken home by Mr. L.R. McPherson one mile...
    • 1906, Nov 27 1905

    • Names and addresses: Monday, Nov. 27th 1905. 27- L.R. McPherson 28- One year in Oklahoma Meeting tonight at Lone Star school house 28- L.R. McPherson 29-31 Robert Reed Friday Dec. 1, 05. 1-3- Rob’t Reed. R.F.D. No. 1 Temple, Box 64. 4- ? ...
    • Page 16

    • Fishback Intern 17 The conditions under which autocratic or democratic leadership styles are most effective in formal organizations suggests that the most successful sport teams would likely be autocratic. However, a review of the effects of...
    • Page 59

    • Fishback Intern 60 Maxwell, John C. (2005). The 360-Degree Leader: Developing your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. Thomas Nelson, Inc.: Nashville. McPherson, Barry D. (1977, July). Success in sport: The influence of sociological...
    • Page 14

    • 10 (2002) suggest that students must view reading as a pleasurable activity because “children who dislike something may avoid it or give only partial attention to learning it, although they have the self-confidence to learn lessons and attempt...
    • Page 20

    • 16 The most probable obstacle facing many unmotivated readers is a lack of self-confidence. “Whether told by others that they are not as good a reader as their older siblings or whether they have developed the attitude from peers that reading is...
    • Page 80

    • 76 McRae, A., & Guthrie, J. T., (2009). Promoting reasons for reading: Teacher practices that impact motivation. Hiebert, E. H. (Ed.) (2009) Reading more, reading better. (p. 71) NY, NY: Guilford Press Mcpherson, K. (2007). Harry potter and the...


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