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    • 1902, page 25

    • 25 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. ters being based upon movements common in ordinary handwriting. Other important features are, no position writing, no shading, and no detaching of vowels. These advantages enable the student to master the principles...
    • 1903, page 28

    • 28 SOUTHERN BRANCH understanding of spoken German and a real appreciation of the literary language. Conversational exercises, dictation, talks on German life, etc., are interspersed as the occasion permits. The principles of the relationship...
    • 1903, page 30

    • 30 SOUTHERN BRANCH sign; drawing and painting from objects and models; life drawing, and open-air sketching with colored crayons, water color, pencil and pen and ink. The cost of materials for the course need not exceed $1.50 for one...
    • 1905, Apr 7

    • Fri. April 7, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clouds around horizon. Elder Stewart is too sick to do a gread deal today. is feeling some better this afternoon. We finished this line out west to where we worked before. walked south-east and spend the night...
    • 1905, Feb 21

    • Tues. Feb. 21, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Few thin clds, The snow is melting fast today altho the night has been very cold. We took dinner with J.C. Smith about three pm he lives nearly a mile and a half south of the New hope school. spent the night...
    • 1905, Jan 21

    • Sat. Jan. 21, 1905: Ther. Cold fog N.E. wind Wea. Cloudy Walked to Ladessa and got some mail, canvassed some in the south-east part of the township took dinner with Mrs. W. Delk. she lives one and a half miles south and two west of Ladessa. were...
    • 1905, Jan 25

    • Wed. Jan. 25, 1905: Ther. Cold N. wind, Wea. T. clds On account of the cold wind we staid with Mr. Wilson till meeting time. Waited till 7-45 pm and nobody came out to hear us so we went out to get entertainment Mr. M.F. Davis took us in, he lives...
    • 1905, Jan 26

    • Thurs. Jan. 26, 1905: Ther. Cold s. wind, Wea. Cloudy cleared off. We took dinner with Mr. Robert Martin, 1 ½ miles west and ½ south of the school house As we were ready to go on again the gentleman gave us an invitation to stay till morning if...
    • 1905, Jan 6

    • Fri. Jan. 6, 1905: Ther. Cool., Wea. North wind, Clouds, Walked back to Arbor then north-east about eight miles to see a family by the name of Lusk but they were not at home so we were entertained by Mr. M.E. Plowman. he lives one mile east and a...
    • 1905, Jun 15

    • Thurs. June 15, 1905: Ther. Warm., cool south wind. Wea. Thin clouds. Commenced canvassing the township line east of Manitou. Took dinner by invitation with W.J. Wood he lives in a large white house about three miles down the line Worked on south...
    • 1905, Mar 27

    • Mon. Mar. 27, 1905: Ther. Warm S.-W. wind, Wea. Clear We took our letters to Lincoln to mail, commenced work in the north-west corner of the township. were entertained by Isiah Mills, by invitation. Mr. Mills lives about one and a half mile north...
    • 1905, May 3

    • Wed. May 3, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Partly cloudy West wind, dust. Walked south-west to Hess, then south and east to the river, waded over into Comanche County, where we found Brother A.J. Edwards. he lives about a mile west of Tesca. The river is...
    • 1905, memoranda 1

    • Memoranda: May 10, 1905. Wednesday Snyder. Kiowa Co., Oklahoma was swept away by a cyclone over one hundred lives lost. Population of town 600 or 700- Saturday Nov. 4, 05. Mountain View, in the north part of Kiowa or south of Washita County was...
    • 1905, Nov 9

    • Thurs. Nov. 9, 1905: Ther. Cool., Wea. Still raining the rain slacked about four oclock this morning then then started in again about day light. and continued till nearly dark. We did not get out to do any work today. just staid with Mr. Canada and...
    • 1905, Oct 20

    • Fri. Oct. 20, 1905: Ther. Cold, Wea. clear We took a walk this afternoon out north-east to see Mr. Hastings, but did not find him, he lives about six miles north-east of Bro. Reeves and north of the Elm fork. 170) (3
    • 1916 16

    • WILFORD GRIFFIN "Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts." THELMA KNELL "Golden thoughts make beautiful lives; for every word and deed lies in the thought that prompted it." 15 WALTER HANSEN He was in logic a...
    • 1916 37

    • EFFIE ROBINSON As silent as a picture on the wall. BLANCI-IE JONES "Outside of being lazy, I am always tired." HURSHELL URIE Lives of sluffers all remind us \lVe can make our lives a pest, And departing leave behincl us Feelings of relief and...
    • 1916 5

    • The Founding of the "A" l1T WAS on the twenty-second of October that we built the "A" on the mountain side. \;Ve built I that letter as an expression, to all who behold it, of the loyalty and high esteem we have for our school. It is a monument...
    • 1930_all 7

    • OBJECTIVES OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE HENRY OBERHANSLEY Director A SCHOOL is a place in which we can get experiences and in-terpretations faster and more ac-curately than we can outside school. Our school life today furnishes op-portunities rich in...
    • Author's Note - Page vii

    • AUTHOR'S NOTE After ten years of research and hours of writing and editing, York and I submit this work to the reader with confidence and satisfaction that it will stand upon its own merits. This is a book about an honest, dedicated man and his...


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