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    • 1909-10 Track team

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Track and field; Myers, Cezar; Granger, Walter K.; Gubler, Ken; Wilkinson, Percy; Foster, John; Cooper, Sherman; Clark, Earl; McBride, Roy
    • Men's track team in 1910. Listed are: "Top row left to right Cezar Myers, Walter K. Granger, Ken Gubler, Percy Wilkinson, John Foster (manager). Middle row, Sherman Cooper, Earl Clark, Roy McBride. Front row, Francis Dalton and Ernest Fife. (H Val...
    • 1914, Jul 6

    • Mon. July 6, 1914: Ther. Hot Wea. Few Clouds Too sick to do anything Tuesday 7: Ther. Extremely Hot. Wea. Clds. Listed about half acre land for corn Johny, Will & I worked on Oakcreek-River dam this afternoon.
    • 1914, Jun 12

    • Fri. June 12, 1914: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Windy Finished cutting the Pine Creek field lucern, then Double listed about half acre corn land next to the lucerne. G.H.I. and family came up today Saturday 13: Ther. Hot Wea. clear Raked and piled and...
    • 1914, Jun 18

    • Thurs. June 18, 1914: Ther. Hot. Wea. Heavy thunder shower Went to the F. field to cut lucern, found the water on it so couldn’t cut it Listed and planted a little more corn. Planting goes very slow. Friday 19: Ther. Hot Wea. Light showers...
    • 1914, May 19

    • Tues. May 19, 1914: Ther. Warm Watering land to plant corn and cane. Wednesday 20: Ther. Hot Wea. Clouded up Planted about 100 rods of corn and cane. 18 rows corn & 12 rows cane. on the west side of the Will Gifford field. Watering the corn that I...
    • 1914, May 7

    • Thurs. May 7, 1914: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Wind Listed and planted some corn in the Will Gifford field am covering the corn with the shovel plow Friday 8: Ther. Warm Wea. Thin Clouds Listing in more corn
    • 1927 155

    • ^ ScKolarship THE scholarship of the Utah Agricultural College is unsur-passed by that of any other institution in Utah and is equalled by few institutions of higher learning in the West, as is evidenced by the following facts: 1. The Utah...
    • 1927 97

    • STOCK JUDGING TOCK Judging is listed this year for the first time as a Student Body Activity. As such it warrants honorable mention. The college team became the undisputed cham-pions of the state by defeating the mother institution, and the high...
    • [Baseball team] 1900

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Baseball; Platt, Rob; Dalley, Ross; Pace, Will; Milne, Rass; Thorley, Harvy; Macfarlane, Menzies; McMillian, Clair; Tucker, John; Jones, Kumen
    • Members of the 1900 [baseball team]. Listed are: "Front row left to right, Rob Platt, Ross Dalley, Will Pace, Rass Milne, and Harvy Thorley. Back row, left to right, Doctor [Menzies] Mcfarlane, Clair McMillian, John Tucker, and Kumen Jones. First...
    • [Women's] basketball team 1909-1910

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Basketball--Women; Jones, Blanch Corry; Jackson, Isabelle Papworth; Redd, Anna Prince; Jones, Stella; Jones, Blanch
    • Women's basketball team 1909-1910. Written above photo, "This group was the 1st. year basketball team 1909-1910. Blanch Jones, Isabelle Jackson remained with the team until 1913. (by I. J. P.). [Names listed], Anna Prince Redd (R), Williams, Stella...
    • Anna Mannarrow Hamilton; Cedar City, Iron County, Utah

    • Palmer, William R., 1877-1960; Indians of North America; Southern Paiute Indians; Southern Paiute Indians--Portraits;
    • Anna Mannarrow Hamilton; Cedar City, Iron County, Utah; Mrs. Hamilton lived in Salt Lake City. She is listed here because Hamilton is a local name and because Palmer must have known her to have had her picture. He may have taken the picture.
    • Baseball club, approx. 1906,1911, 1912

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Baseball; Henings, Jimmy; Hansen, Charles; Jones, A. J.; Fife, Ernest; Stephenson, Kenney K.; Lowe, Sam; Bryant, Charles
    • Members of the baseball club. Listed are: Back row, left to right: Jimmy Henings, [?] Hayward, Charles Hansen. Middle row, A. J. Jones, Ernest Fife, Kenney K. Stephenson, Sam Lowe, Amemrn? Clark. Front row, Charles Bryant.
    • Baseball team of 1910

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Baseball; Barton, J. W. ; Urie, Earl; Fletcher, John; Leigh, Webster; Pickett, Ellis; Stucki, Edwin; Fawcett, Jed; Fawcett , Fred; Higbee, Myron ; Nelson, Roice
    • Members of the 1910 men's baseball team. Coach J. W. Barton is sitting at the left. They are sitting on steps and on the door is written, "38 to 7. Coach and players listed are: J. W. Barton, coach, Earl Urie, John Fletcher, Webster Leigh, Ellis...
    • Basketball team

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Basketball; Fawcett, Jed; Fawcett, Fred; Barton, John Wesley; Hanks, George; Watson, Ralph; Varney, Griffin
    • Men's basketball team. Listed from left to right, Dalton, [?], Jed and Fred Feucett (Fawcett), John Wesley Barton, teacher-George Hanks, Ralph Watson, and Varney Griffin. Correction in picture location. It will be found at BNS_SP_009
    • Basketball team 1900

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Basketball; Gardner, John; Thorley, Harry; Corry, Willard
    • Members of the 1900 basketball team. Names listed, "Left to right, not known, Elias M. Corry?, John Gardner, Harry Thorley, Willard Corry, not known, J.X.? Gardner?
    • Basketball team 1909

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Basketball; Griffin, Varney; Wilkinson, Harold; Watson, Ralph; Barton, J. W.; Fawcett, Jed
    • Members of the 1909-1910 men's basketball team. Listed are: "[Top row] left to right [?] Dalton, Varney Griffin, Harold Wilkinson, Riggo. Front row, Ralph Watson, J. W. Barton, Jed Fawcett [Feucett]."
    • Basketball team 1911

    • Branch Normal School--Cedar City (Utah)--Basketball; Dalton, [?]; Fawcett, Jed; Fawcett, Fred; Barton, John Wesley; Hanks, George; Watson, Ralph; Griffin, Varney
    • Members of the 1911 mens basketball team. Coach and players listed: _Dalton, Jed & Fred Feucett (Fawcett), John Wesley Barton (coach), George Hanks, Ralph Watson, Varney Griffin.
    • Chapter 15 - Page 97

    • Plan selerted and Tabernacle built. People still brinq called to Bluff - Jody's Diarv. Takinq n cattle held to San J u a n . Lehi receives r Misaion Call. Ilcnry seriamly hurned. Letter from Mary hw Lunt to Lehi while on miasion. Letter from Henry...
    • Chapter 27 - Page 229

    • World War 11. List of Lehi's and Henrietta's grandchildren. Lehi, 90 years old. List of stacks. Death of Lehi W. Jones. Picture, Jones family 1947. Picture Lehi's Birthday. Funeral services, Lehi W. Jones, Resolutions of resprct, Bank of Southern...


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