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    • 1902, page 23

    • 23 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. sist of lecture work and laboratory practice, which will include a study of foods, their sources, composition, preparation, digestibility, and function in the body. The work taken up in the second half-year will...
    • 1903, page 28

    • 28 SOUTHERN BRANCH understanding of spoken German and a real appreciation of the literary language. Conversational exercises, dictation, talks on German life, etc., are interspersed as the occasion permits. The principles of the relationship...
    • 1903, page 29

    • 29 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. Catiline are read and translated with a more careful study of conditional sentences. Work in writing Latin and conversational exercises in Latin are given throughout the year. Three hours per week throughout the...
    • 1904, page 26

    • 26 SOUTHERN BRANCH GERMAN. MR. MABEY. German 1. ELEMENTARY COURSE. The object of the first year's work is to familiarize the student with German construction so far as to enable him to read easy German text without difficulty....
    • 1904, page 27

    • 27 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. manufacture. Scroll sawing, wood turning, joining and general wood work are features of this course. (2) Wood work and an elementary course in blacksmithing. Four hours per week throughout the year. ...
    • 1905, page 29

    • 29 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. commercial paper found in the general routine of business are used. Three hours per week throughout the year. Stenography. A course in the Gregg system of shorthand. The system is adapted perfectly to the hand,...
    • 1906, page 30

    • 30 SOUTHERN BRANCH Commercial Law. This course embraces a study of the laws governing the transaction of business in the world of commerce, including a knowledge of contracts, agency, partnership, corporations, business paper, liens,...
    • 1907, page 32

    • 32 SOUTHERN BRANCH GERMAN MR. DU PONCET German 1. ELEMENTARY COURSE. The object of the first year's work is to familiarize the student with German construction so far as to enable him to read easy German text without difficulty....
    • Page 19

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS to demonstrate the skill, but he or she does not demonstrate fluency at it yet. These deficits were remediated by providing multiple opportunities for practice of the targeted skill in non-threatening situations. When...
    • Page 81

    • THE WEB 82 22 youth may want to avoid verbose, academic words and use more contempo􀀍􀵲 rary, conversational language. 􀀵􃔀􀁓􅌀􀁅􄔀􀁒􅈀􀀍􀴀􀁃􄌀􀁅􄔀􀁎􄸀􀁔􅐀􀁅􄔀􀁒􅈀􀁅􄔀􀁄􄐀...
    • Page 14

    • No pirates no princesses 9 including making amends for harm. This proactive style of conversation results in give and take that is successful, ―Conversations that reveal the parents‘ reasoning, standards, and behavioral interpretations allow...
    • Page 40

    • Commitment 35 scheduled a time to meet. Before the interview began, the couple met with the researcher in a computer lab close to the conference room in order to explain the study and to distribute the informed consent forms. Any questions the...
    • Page 16

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 17 Computer-mediated communication’s impression management abilities have led many to study its effect on relationships. CMC has unique interpersonal and even intrapersonal effects. For example, a person may elicit...
    • Page 25

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 21 Chapter 4: Results The grounded theory analysis of the data revealed several dominant themes as well as sub-divisions of each of those themes. This chapter seeks to comprehensively define and detail each theme and to give...
    • Page 8

    • !9 The other proverbial hat I wore was that of a researcher. I wanted to know how the Chinese would adjust their conversational skills to talk with me as an American. I was curious to see how they might accommodate to me conversationally, and how...
    • Page 46

    • !47 score or rule. When English won’t work, body language becomes the main conversational tool. One thing that I have noticed is that convergence and divergence cannot be defined by whether they speak English or not. Often, even though they’ll...
    • Page 61

    • !62 APPENDIX B Communication Accommodation Journal Entries! ! (Journal entries in this appendix represent only those notes included in the paper. For a complete chronological record of my experiences visit: http://
    • Page 27

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 28 section of an origami animal within a specific time period with the goal to be a successful completion of the animal or animal section. Different time periods were allocated for FTF and CMC...
    • Page 28

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 29 Clatterbuck’s CL7 measure of global uncertainty (Clatterbuck, 1979; Douglas, 1990). High scores represented greater uncertainty, whereas low scores indicated greater levels of attritional...
    • Page 36

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 37 By comparison, CMC groups had a success rate of 1 in 8 or 12.5%. The only successfully completion of a project was a 10-minute task, which the CMC group completed successfully in 9:37. In all other...


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