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    • 1905, Apr 19

    • Wed. April 19, 1905: Ther. Cool s. e wind. Wea. Foggy. Brother Johnson brought us seven or eight miles south, and left us two miles west of Mountain Park, we walked fifteen miles east then south east about eleven miles farther reached Cache...
    • 1905, May 3

    • Wed. May 3, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Partly cloudy West wind, dust. Walked south-west to Hess, then south and east to the river, waded over into Comanche County, where we found Brother A.J. Edwards. he lives about a mile west of Tesca. The river is...
    • 1905, May 16

    • Tues. May 16, 1905: Ther. Cool east wind. Warm., Wea. Cloudy. Cleared off. We decided to go back to Comanche Co. and leave the rest of this district, as it was worked two or three years ago. Traveled east crossed the trail of last wednesday’s...
    • 1905, May 17

    • Wed. May 17, 1905: Ther. Warm & Sultry, Wea. Clouds. Forded the river again back into Comanche County a mile north of Tesca. took dinner by invitation with Mr. Goodridge, the first house we called at. We canvassed the line about three miles north...
    • 1905, May 26

    • Fri. May 26, 1905: Ther. Warm., Pleasant., Wea. Thin clouds Heavier “ We got about a three mile ride into Comanche this morning crossed the Territory line a few minutes after eight oclock. walked north to Brother Petty’s, found the folks all...
    • 1905, May 27

    • Sat. May 27, 1905: Ther. Cool., Wea. Rain We had a good lot of rain during the night and morning. I took Bro. Petty’s horse and buggy and went Comanche for our mail this afternoon. Elder Lindsay got a letter from Pres. Duffin appointing him...
    • 1905, May 29

    • Mon. May 29, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Rain 9 pm Mostly cloudy. We went to Comanche then east about ten miles to Brother A.M. Williams. The folks are well, have been chilling a little lately. Are trying to work in the crops but the land is most too...
    • 1905, Jun 12

    • Mon. June 12, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Ptly. cldy. Sultry. Elder Jack and I ate dinner at Brother Garringers then after bidding the folks good-bye started for our field of labor in the south-west part of this (Comanche) county. got within about...
    • 1905, Jul 15

    • Sat. July 15, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clds. (I wonder where I will be and what I will be doing on this day? Written Oct. 30th 1904. W.L.C.) Here I am in Comanche Co., O.T. With Elder A.W. Jack. We took Mr. Shorts’ rig and visited the...
    • 1905, Aug 27

    • Sun. Aug. 27, 1905: Ther. Hot., Wea. Clear, We missed having our exercises this morning, infact we did nothing today but write a few letters and sleep away the time. Elder W.L. Crawford Springdale, Wash. Co., Utah. at Lawton Comanche Co., Oklahoma...
    • 1905, Aug 28

    • Mon. Aug. 28, 1905: Ther. Warm., Cooler than usual. Wea. Rain 2 am Ptly. cldy. Made another start canvassed about twenty five families, The Salvation army got our corner tonight so we didnot hold a meeting, the Army has a lamp so they can get out...
    • 1905, Nov 6

    • Mon. Nov. 6, 1905: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clouds Elder Melvin M. Ward and I followed the Rail Road south about two miles below Snyder, then followed the section line into Comanche County, staid with Mr. Rhodes, were pretty tired after our long walk of...
    • 1905, Dec 13

    • Wed. Dec. 13, 1905: Ther. Cool North wind, Wea. Mostly cldy. rain am We went north and east to Addington I.T. then took a tie pass up the rail road to Comanche and on north three miles to Brother A.A. Petty’s where we arrived about 4-30 pm The...
    • 1905, Dec 18

    • Mon. Dec. 18, 1905: Ther. Cool, Wea. cloudy. We held a sacrament meeting at Brother Petty’s this morning after which we walked to Comanche found Brother J.T. Whitlock, working in his jewelry shop he sent us over to the house, we spent the...
    • 1905, memoranda 2

    • Memoranda: April 24, 1905. Myself and Elder Samuel Lindsay are Tofinish the work in Greer Co., then commence work at Mirage, Comanche Co. O.T. Conference convened at Ora, Comanche Co. April 22, 23 & 24th p5. And again Sept 23, 24th 05. at the same...
    • 1905, addresses 3

    • Addresses.: Elder Samuel W. Richards 457 Fourth St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Almira Hendricks Cache Co., Richmond, Utah. Leslie Johnson Kiowa County Mondamin, Okla. member Henry Bergdorf, Caddo County, Anadarko, Okla. member J.P. Stockton Duke,...
    • 1905, addresses 7

    • Addresses.: John M. Smith Co 150-156 & 287-289 W. Madison. Chicago, Ill. The Corner Co., Dept. W 179 Normal Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. George W. Burns Somerset Pharmacy Chemist Bernardsville, N.J. John Skinner Comanche Co. Davidson, Okla. Roberts...
    • 1905, addresses 8

    • Addresses.: President Joseph Smith of the ReOrganized Church Lemora, Iowa. Herald Pub. Co., Box E. Decateur Co., Lamoni, Iowa. request to write James J. Smith Comanche Co., Frederick, Okla. (write) July 20, 1905. J.A. Caldwell (request to...
    • 1906, Apr 7 1905

    • Names and addresses: April 1905. 7- James Edwards bachelor Eldorado 8-9- A.M. Bone Olustee, R.F.D. 10-18- Bro. Johnson and Sarver 19- Hotel Stocking .50 Cache 20- Alamo Hotel, Lawton .75 Elders Cox and Allred are with us tonight. 21-24-...
    • 1906, Apr 27 1905

    • Names and addresses: April 1905. 27- The four of us spent the night with a Kiowa Indian Ape-Kaume, near Meers, he treated us royally. 28- J.B. Haley Springfield Comanche Co., O.T. 29- took dinner with a young couple four mi east of Roosevelt....


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