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    • 1898, cash account 12

    • XCash Account. XJuly. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1 They sold me down the river And I must parded be From all that I love dearly And all that’s dear to me Chorus Fare-well my peaceful cabin Beside the old oak tree Fare-well my wife and children...
    • 1898, Dec 23

    • Fri. Dec. 23, 1898: Ther. cold, Wea. clear, I practiced photographing with fair results today. Went to a dance at night. We finished hauling the pummys around this afternoon. Saturday 24: Ther. 10-20. am. 34’.m Wea. clear. I took a photo for...
    • 1898, Feb 24

    • Thurs. Feb. 24, 1898: Ther. warm Wea. cloudy harrowed the land below the point and furrowed out part of it preparetory for sowing wheat Friday 25: Ther. 68 at 3-25 Wea. Clear furrowed out land in the fore noon and hauled manure the rest of the...
    • 1903, Nov 25

    • Wed. Nov. 25, 1903: Ther. 54., 71., Wea. Clear. Went to Springdale for the mail, cut a little lucerne this afternoon. Thursday 26: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clear, Thanks giving day. Went to Zion with the school children took their photo twice during the...
    • 1905, Dec 17

    • Sun. Dec. 17, 1905: Ther. Cool S. wind. Wea. Ptly. cldy. Nothing of interest today but the opossum dinner and that we did not relish as it looks too much like eating a big rat, and the fat is too oily for me, a very small dose of it would upset my...
    • 1905, Dec 18

    • Mon. Dec. 18, 1905: Ther. Cool, Wea. cloudy. We held a sacrament meeting at Brother Petty’s this morning after which we walked to Comanche found Brother J.T. Whitlock, working in his jewelry shop he sent us over to the house, we spent the...
    • 1910, page 169

    • 31 Days May 1910: W 18 Developed some plates I exposed a few days ago. Th 19 Printed some proofs this morning. F 20 Made two negatives of Lavern Heatons children Sat 21 proofs of above picture made this am other negatives made P.M.
    • 1910, page 80

    • Record of Negative Exposures: Date No. of Slide Plate or Film Time of Day Light Stop Exposure Subject, notes on lighting, etc. No. of Negative Apr 6- Standard Ex. 3 pm C US 4 ½ Baby Mr. Edith Little. ¼ Cab. 19 Hammer Record 6 pm B 64...
    • 1912, Apr 6

    • Sat. April 6, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Finished plowing and sowing the wheat. then harrowed over nearly an acre of my orchard ground that I plowed before I went to St. George. Sunday 7: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Few Clouds Mary and the children...
    • 1912, Aug 2

    • Fri. Aug. 2, 1912: Ther. Cool Wea. rain pm Planted a little more corn Uncle J.P. Terry gave the children Patriarchal blessings Saturday 3: Ther. Cool Wea. Clear Finished planting the seed corn have about three quarters of an acre in We finished...
    • 1912, Jan 1

    • Mon. Jan. 1, 1912: Ther. Cold and Clear Wm L. Crawford Springdale, Washington Co. Utah I am at home with Mary and the children today. Mother came and done up the housework. Mary sat up in bed awhile. Annie Gifford is spending the day at town 2...
    • 1912, Jul 27

    • Sat. July 27, 1912: Ther. Cooler Wea. Cloudy Plowed about a quarter acre more this forenoon We cut part of father’s wheat this afternoon Sunday 28: Ther. Sultry Wea. Cloudy at home till evening, drove around to the fields to give the children an...
    • 1914, Aug 17

    • Mon. Aug. 17, 1914: Ther. Hot Wea. Clear Windy Plowed out the remainder of the red corn Getting ready to go to Kolob Tuesday 18: Ther. Hot Wea. Clear Mother, Emma, Mary, the children and I started for Kolob. got to the Virgin lane.
    • 1914, Aug 21

    • Fri. Aug. 21, 1914: Ther. cool wind Wea. clouds At the Sinks saw mill. Mary and I went over to Big Creek this evening. Saturday 22: Ther. Cold s Wind Wea. clouds Took several pictures of the children at the Mill this morning.
    • 1914, cash account 4

    • Cash Account. March.: Date. Received. Paid. 4 4 pr. stockings for children .80 9 J.E. Petty for 250 lbs. corn 5.00 9 Beans CC 10 lbs. .50 9 HW Buckbee 1.32 18 Iowa Seed Co 1.04 Ira DeMill 9 100 lbs. corn 2.00 21 Rawleigh 3.00 22 Cloth 4...
    • 1914, cash account 8

    • Cash Account. July.: Date. Received. Paid. 1 Handkerchief .05 3 5 cans lye .50 7 2 pocket knives for children .20 From Sarah C. 8 2 pr stockings .30 19 Golden Rule 1.50 12 2 doz. Post Cards 2.25 Alfred Murphy. 15 C.R. Savage Co 3.25 15 e...
    • 1914, May 3

    • Sun. May 3, 1914: Ther. Thin Clouds At Home Monday 4: Ther. Warm. Wea. Clds S. Wind Went over to the F.F. planted some corn the river got so high. I left the team, and Mary and the children at Sammys, I came home Via A.F.’s bridge
    • 1915 100

    • FOUND IN EXAMINATION PAPERS. Law of Conversation of matter. The ea.rth is surrounded by fifty miles of gravity. Lowell had many parents of culture on e,ach side. Whittier was born on a farm all alone. TOUGHS. "You have a pretty tough-looking lot of...
    • 1916 104

    • @outbrrn atab Oogpital A. N. LEONARD, M. D., Superintendent GENERAL SURGERY. GE~ERAL MEDICINE. EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. FITTING OF GLASSES. X-Ray diagnosis and treatment. Violet Ray (high frequency) treatments. j\lIaternity Home, "Twilight...


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