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    • 1898, Jun 16

    • Thurs. June 16, 1898: Ther. 8-25 am. 73º. 4-20 pm. 90º. Wea. clear, clear, hot. I hoed and replanted the melons, and planted three rows more. Friday 17: Ther. 7-10 am. 70º. Wea. clear, very hot through the day. Uncle Oliver, Ed. Alred and I...
    • 1898, Jun 18

    • Sat. June 18, 1898: Ther. warm Wea. clear we went from the top of the trail to Rock Canyon before noon and after a hard afternoons travel and lots of whipping we got the stock to the Co op farm Via. of the Bulloch trail. Sunday 19: Ther. warm....
    • 1898, May 19

    • Thurs. May 19, 1898: Ther. cool, Wea. cloudy, squally We finished mending the ditch, and went over to Uncle Crisses in the evening. Friday 20: Ther. cool and pleasant Wea. clear it clouded up in the evening. I hauled the remainder of the...
    • 1898, Oct 6

    • Thurs. Oct. 6, 1898: Ther. warmº., Wea. clear We rode around after some of Dan’s cattle this forenoon. and dug about 25 bu. of potatoes after noon. there was a swamp on fire near manti which made the air some what smoky Friday 7: Ther....
    • 1899, Jan 19

    • Thurs. Jan. 19, 1899: Ther. noon 46º., Wea. clear am string clouds pm. We went out and counted the cattle in the field about 200 head. built a correll to feed in by the corn correll. Friday 20: Ther. 8-45 am. 41º., Wea. very light clouds, I cut...
    • 1899, May 1

    • Mon. May 1, 1899: Ther. 1-30 pm. 48º., Wea. showery, hauled a little hay back of the barn also a load of [curse] from the sand bottom melon ground. Tuesday 2: Ther. 10-30 am. 48º., Wea. clouds going s. J.A. Winder, J.R. Crawford & I started for...
    • 1899, May 13

    • Sat. May 13, 1899: Ther. cooler. Wea. light clouds, high wind. Jake & I went to town and got some flour & seed corn also traded a little in the store at Orderville Sunday 14: Ther. coolº., Wea. high wind, light clouds, We went up to R.B....
    • 1899, Nov 15

    • Wed. Nov. 15, 1899: Ther. 48´., 56´., Wea. squally. Johny, Jim and Dan went and got the cattle as far as Crank Town, they left Brock on the trail she was unable to get home. I staid home today. Thursday 16: Ther. 44., Johny & I went down and...
    • 1900, Apr 19

    • Thurs. April 19, 1900: Ther. 57., 78., Wea. light clouds. I started to the herd helped Johny & Dan drive a few head of cattle. we camped at the Twin Pines. Friday 20: Ther. +cool., Wea. high wind cloudy. I went on foot to the Elephant Gap met A.A....
    • 1900, Nov 12

    • Mon. Nov. 12, 1900: Ther. 50., 73., Wea. Clear. We finished hauling the hay. Brother and Sister Curtis made us another visit before going home. Dan & I went down below to hunt some cattle after-noon. Tuesday 13: Ther. 50., 74., Wea. Clear. partly...
    • 1901, bills payable 3

    • XBills Payable. XMarch.: C.W. Stanton Co. of 323 Dearborn St., Chicago, wants agents for the life of President McKinley, prospectus 12 c. ad. in Sanfrancisco weekly examiner. Receivable.: 11 Received of G.W. Crapper Draft No. 103 on B.F. Saunders...
    • 1901, Dec 19

    • Thurs. Dec. 19, 1901: Ther. 32., 62., Wea. Clear, We geathered our cattle and counted them this forenoon. Friday 20: 13 Ther. 38., 60., Wea. Clear, Rode after cattle this fore-noon and went to Rockville after-noon.
    • 1901, Dec 5

    • Thurs. Dec. 5, 1901: Ther. 47., 65., Wea. Thin Clouds, Johny & I drove some of our cattle back to Zion this forenoon. I [a]ttended the ward conference this after-noon. Thomas P. Bottom of the Stake Presidency and Samuls H. Wells of the High Council...
    • 1901, Feb 20

    • Wed. Feb. 20, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds, A number of sheep men passed here today. E. Foremaster came over here this evening. 5) Thursday 21: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. cloudy 8 pm Rain. Mr. Foremaster brought nineteen more cattle today we...
    • 1901, Feb 22

    • Fri. Feb. 22, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clouds, I walked over to do the feeding this morning rode a mule that a sheep herder had this evening. I am feeding sixty two head of cattle now at T.M. ane one here. 5) Saturday 23: Ther. Cooler., Wea. Thin...
    • 1901, Jan 17

    • Thurs. Jan. 17, 1901: Ther. Cooler, Wea. High winds (from the north.) Clear. I done the feeding at Two mile again; also the chores here at Pipe. Leigh got back from Kanab just as I was ready to go and feed the calves this evening. 5) Friday 18:...
    • 1901, Jul 10

    • Wed. July 10, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Partly Cloudy Wind, moved nearly a mile east camped about three or four hundred yards north of the creek. 45) Thursday 11: Ther. Warm, Wea. Ptly. Cloudy We moved on again nooned at a small creek around the...
    • 1901, Jun 18

    • Tues. June 18, 1901: + Ther. Warm. Wea. Partly Cloudy 3 pm Threatening clouds. I went on over a little farther to-day and camped at the foot of the mountain in a canyon that runs toward the west. Jim Ross got his herd mixed with one of Blake’s...
    • 1901, Mar 22

    • Fri. Mar. 22, 1901: Ther. 44., 62., Wea. Winds Ptly. Cloudy, rain. light sprinkle tonight. Dan, Jake and I went to Zion and got two loads of cottonwoods to set out. 1) Saturday 23: Ther. 40 ;m. Wea. Wind, Ptly Cloudy, I helped father in the...
    • 1901, Mar 24

    • Sun. Mar. 24, 1901: Ther. 35., 50., Wea. Clouds I attended after noon and evening meetings. 1) Monday 25: Ther. 33., 58., Wea. Thin Clouds. John Winder, Jacob Crawford & I went and got our cattle off the Oak Creek Bench. We branded the calves this...


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