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    • School Calendar for 191 5 & '16 (Continued frOln page 79) Jan. 18. The B. B. club entertains in chapel. Jan. 26. Sen1ester exams. begin. Jan. 28. Close of first sen1ester. Jan. 31. Celebrate beginning of second sell1ester by dancing froll1 8 until...
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    • Appendix G template (see 8.2.2). The following programs, including incubated programs in any of the following categories, require action by the Regents: 6.1.1. New Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees - Programs of study...
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    • Appendix J Section I: The Request Institution request approval to offer Name of Degree effective Semester 2008. This program has been approved by the Institutional Board of Trustees on 11 Month 2008. Section II: Program Description Complete the...
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    • V Abstract The purpose of this study is to suggest a model that is dedicated to digital forensics curriculum for baccalaureate and master program level. At the moment of this writing, there was no standard guideline on how to provide complete and...
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    • VIII APPENDIX E: DIGITAL FORENSICS INVESTIGATION PHASES …………… 77 BIBLIOGRAPHY ..……………………………………………………………… 83 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1 - Reported Issues Category Frequency...
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    • 3 students would only cover computer forensics and network forensics although mobile forensics and multimedia forensics are still in practice. 1.3 Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is: • To provide a model for baccalaureate and...
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    • 8 Ext3 Third Extended File system. The ext3 has several advantages over the ext2 file system which comprises of lengthy file system checks (fsck) if a system crashes, resets or had an immediate power loss [Abt(n.d.)]. DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA...
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    • 14 Note: This figure is adapted from “Computer Forensics Education” by Yasinsac, A., Erbacher F. R., Marks G. D., Pollitt M. M. & Sommer M. P. (2003). IEEE Security & Privacy, 1(4), 15-23. ªComputer Network Forensics. According to this model,...
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    • 15 Due to the success of Champlain College degree program, they moved one step ahead by offering a Master degree program [Kes08]. However, this program concentrates on digital forensics investigation management and only had few subjects tht touched...
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    • 24 ii.Hands-on exercises A good digital forensics program must consist of “digital evidence collection” and “proper storage and handling.” The tools that are currently used to accomplish digital forensics examination must also be added in...
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    • 31 prefer mixed or inter-department to handle digital forensics program such as Computer Science and Criminal Justice Department [UOA]. There is also other departments/schools or centers that are specifically developed for digital forensic science...
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    • 41 CHAPTER 4 PROPOSED DIGITAL FORENSICS CURRICULUM MODEL 4.1 Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to discuss and propose Baccalaureate and Master digital forensics program in higher education. The first section will discuss the...
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    • 42 This program expects that whenever the students successfully accomplished Digital forensics baccalaureate program, they would be able: • to be a first respondent in a crime scene. • to know how to determine and to handle potential digital...
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    • 43 Figure 13 – Curriculum for Digital forensics baccalaureate program University General Education (36 – 40 credit hours) Depends on the university, the students will take general subjects recommended by the university. It is recommended for...


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