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    • 1910, page 86

    • Record of Negative Exposure: 1911 Date No. of Holder Plate or Film Time of Day Light Stop Exposure Subject, notes on lighting, etc. No. of Negative Mar 25 2 Kodoid 12-40 Pm A 16 ¼ Oakcreek Mts. Stereo From Dan’s field “ 2 “ 12-50...
    • 1914, letters 2

    • Letters.: Rec’d. Name. Answered. Mrs. Alma DeMill 1-18 02 photos Mrs. Levi DeMill 1-18 01 photos 1-31 Hon. Joseph Howell 2-30 02 2-18 p John M. Smyth Co 2-3 02 2-2 W.W. Flanigan 2-7 02 2-13 check 2-14 c Banks 2-10 02 Eld. Journal 2-16 02 ...
    • 1906, Jan 1 1906

    • Names and addresses: 1906. January Monday 1st Dr. S.C. Whitcomb 1 ½ mi. east of Depot Hastings, Okla. 2- ? near Hastings. 2-3 & 6-9- Robt Reed 4- Mr. Wells Mr. Williamson. 5- W.T. Dodson 10- to Feb 6. R Reed 3 Feb. Jos. Hoar (dinner) ...
    • Page 77

    • 71 12. ¿Que materiales de lectura tiene en la casa? (Marque todos los que tenga) Revistas Literatura de Iglesia Diarios Libros Otro (especificar) 13. ¿Donde consigue materiales de lectura? La biblioteca En tiendas Del centro familiar En...
    • Page 83

    • 77 22. ¿Con que frecuencia te ayudan tus padres con tus tareas? Siempre La mayoría del tiempo A veces Casi nunca Nunca 23. ¿Hay otros familiares que te ayudan con tus tareas? Si No 24. Si respondes si, quien? Abuelos Hermano Hermana Tíos Primos...
    • Page 41

    • -We should look at getting tall cocktail tables for the 30 minute “cocktail hour” at the beginning of the evening. (Maria thought we could find these fairly cheap on eBay and purchase them to have at the Heritage Center) -There is going to be a...
    • Page 57

    • After talking to Byron, we decided we need to have another table for the dinner, so 14 instead of 13. I am calling May to ask her about getting another set of napkins, another linen, and 8 more chairs. Byron said along with him, myself and Danny,...
    • Page 14

    • 10 CHAPTER THREE: RESULTS Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrophotometry (GC/MS) GC analysis was performed on multiple samples (n=11), collected and analyzed from February to April 2009, produced very similar gas chromatograms as shown in Figures 2-3....
    • Page 25

    • 21 CHAPTER FOUR: DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS Methamphetamine Impurities The hypothesis, that a distinct pattern of impurities present in illicit methamphetamine specimens could be characterized by GC/MS, was supported during this research, despite...
    • Page 53

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 49 can’t lie, it’s hard. Lately, more than normal. My husband does not make a ton of money. Probably not even enough to support a family of 7 by most standards. We don’t live high on the hog” (Tena, 2011, para. 5). Such was...
    • Page 77

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 73 Kauffman, B. J. (1992). Feminist facts: Interview strategies and political subjects in ethnography. Communication Theory, 2, 187-206. King, F. (2007, October 22). Mommies dearest. National Review, 59(19), 48. Kramarae, C....
    • Page 57

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 53 change. (C. Merrill, personal communication, November 4, 2013) This pressure to do what the client wants in order to gain access to their advertising dollar has created the feeling that listeners hate...
    • Page 102

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 98 A lot of people, anyone in a car, people listen around the house. People listen that don't want to sit in front of a computer or want something to listen to as they are going around the house without having...
    • Page 110

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 106 Jim Duncan November 4, 2013 Director of Production Clear Channel Los Angeles, CA 1. What is radio's future? Unknown. That's why I am leaving man. In 1966, the future was so bright. Internet and iHeartRadio...
    • Page 130

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 126 Paul Ihander November 5, 2013 News Director/Assistant Program Director Bonneville Media Phoenix, AZ 1. What is radio's future? That is an excellent question. There is no definitive answer when it comes to...
    • Page 137

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 133 27. In the past a radio station had a dedicated news director; not so much anymore. Has this affected the information that a radio station delivers? 2-3 years ago the San Francisco Peaks caught on fire....
    • Page 31

    • 28 conversation comments. Figure 3 shows the percentage of comments by student numbers. Of the 108 comments, 84 (78%) were made by only 15 (35%) of the students. Likewise, 15 (35%) of the students had no comments and are not represented on the...
    • Page 32

    • 29 This graph shows that there were non-responders from each category, but the top participators came solely from the extroverted category. Self-perception versus online Socratic Seminar participation. The students were assigned to complete three...


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