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    • Page 63

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 59 Benoit, W. L., & Wells, W. T. (1996). Candidates in conflict: Persuasive attack and defense in the 1992 presidential debates. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press. Blaney, J. R., & Benoit, W. L....
    • Page 428

    • 1 1. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Parley Lunt, op. cit., p. 4. Heaton Lunt, op. cit., p. 13. Broughton Lunt, op., cit., p. 9. George Teasdale, "Copy of HandWntten letter on First F'residency Stationery dated Dec. 27, 1899,"From: York Jones History...
    • Page 103

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 104 Hymes, D. (1972). Models of the interaction of language and social life. In J. Gumperz & D. Hymes (Eds.), Directions in sociolinguistics: The ethnography of communication (pp. 35–71). New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston....
    • Page 73

    • 70 Tuinman, J., Blanton, W. E., & Gray, G. (1975). THE CLOZE PROCEDURE: AN ANALYSIS OF RESPONSEDISTRIBUTIONS. Journal of General Psychology, 92(2), 177. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Tuinman, J., Blanton, W. E., & Gray, G. (1975). A NOTE ON CLOZE AS A...
    • Page 19

    • 6 Chapter 1 The Internet and the Web the initial session is finished and the path is released. In packet switching, computer data is broken into small chunks. Each chunk is placed in a package of data called a packet. The packet contains...
    • Page 21

    • 8 Chapter 1 The Internet and the Web web document and displayed in accordance with the instructions contained in it. So the images, sounds and videos are all transferred over the Internet separately and are displayed with the text according to...
    • Page 458

    • When Martineau returned to Pacheco a month later, the town was a shocking sight. Large pieces of beef and pork lay rotting in the houses and yards and the homes were in a temble condition. There were books, many choice ones, scattered around--many...
    • Page 7

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 8 It is clear that technology and sociality are intertwined in the case of online communication networks, but the socially mediated nature of technology in all its forms is less obvious (Lewis & Fabos,...
    • Page 79

    • iGRIEVE 75 Klimmt, C., Hefner, R. R., & Vorderer, P. (2007). Identification with media characters as temporary alteration of media users' self-concept. Unpublished paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Communication...
    • Page 15

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 16 believed to play a pivotal role in the development of personal and affective construal processes (Baron-Cohen, 1997; Macrae et al., 2002; Perrett & Emery, 1994). A particular direction of gaze,...
    • Page 24

    • PHOTOGRAPHY 25 Narrative The previous section has attempted to discuss narratives and uncover their communicative qualities in visual form. This section will first focus on the narrative in its simplest meaning, as a story- a “spoken or written...
    • Page 31

    • 27 Learning clubs (book clubs, literature circles) should be deliberate and specifically aimed at desired learning goals. To effectively motivate reluctant readers, teachers must help students experience autonomy in selecting interesting...
    • Page 239

    • The census that was taken in Cedar City March 27, 1860 was as foilows: L.D.S. Church members, 189. Over eight and not baptized, 17. Under eight (children), 1 18. The combied total of the inhabitants of Cedar City was 324. The men in the Church were...
    • Page 494

    • 1. "Story told to Lavena C. Lunf wife of Clarence," From LaRee Lunt Bluth and Sylvia Heywood History File. 2. Annie R. Johnson, Heartbeati of Colonia Diaz, (Salt Lake City, Utah: Publishers Press, 1972). p. 385. 3. LaCrita and M& H. Lmt, "Edgerton...
    • Page 44

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 45 responsive communication. CMC communication can be seen as simply adding to our other forms of communication rather than replacing it (Campbell & Park, 2008). CMC such as email, computer...
    • Page 46

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 47 References Abercrombie, M. L. (1972). Non-verbal communication. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 65(4), 335. Adams, R. B., & Kleck, R. E. (2003). Perceived gaze direction and the...
    • Page 500

    • 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (iV-5) Garth Stowell Lunt (3 Mar 1918 - ) Waldon JLunt(7 Sep 1919 -27 Mar 1959) Jack Keith Lunt (17 Feb 1921 - ) Elda Lunt (27 Jan 1924 - ) Betty Jo Lunt (25 Sep 1927 - ) Chiidren ofHeaton Lunt (7 Mar 1888 - 19 Sep 1969) and Chlw...
    • Bibliography - Page 501

    • BIBLIOGRAPHY PUBLISHED MATERIALS Amngton, Leonard J., Great Basin Kingdom, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966. Ashton, Clifford R., Seeds ofpromise, 1983. Berreq William E., The Restored Church, Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake...
    • Page 54

    • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN INSTANT MESSAGING 55 Siegel, J., Dubrovsky, V., Kiesler, S., & McGuire, T. W. (1986). Group processes in computer-mediated communication. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 37, 157–187. doi:...


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