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    • U.S. Embassy 34 (Dobson, 1970), the U.S. redefines its authority as developing nations threaten its authority (Barker & Tinnick, 2006). This identity construction is brought about through social means. Sandhu explained that countries viewed as...
    • Page 74

    • No pirates no princesses 69 References American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Public Education (2001). Children, adolescents, and television, Pediatrics, 107, 2-16. Anderson, C. D., Berkowitz, L., Donnersteirn, L., Huesmann, J., Johnson, D.,...
    • Page 44

    • U.S. Embassy 44 References About us (2009). Retrieved February 20, 2009, from: our-firm/about-us/index.html. Babson, A. N. C. (2005). Making sense of objective knowledge: Anthropological challenges to literalism and...
    • Page 495

    • Grandchildren of Henry Lunt and Mary Ann Wilson (Wife No. 11) a-1) Children of Martha Henrietta Lunt (12 Nov 1858 -28 May 1932) and Lehi Willard J o n n (15 Nov 1854 -28 Ko\ 1947)mahed 13 Feb 1878 1 Thomas Willard Jones (5 Dec 1878 - 20 Fcb 1958)...
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    • Grandchildren of Henry Lunt and Ann C. Gower (Wife 111) (m-1) ChiJdren of Jane Gower Lunt (3 Mar 1864 - 3 Jul1952) and W
    • Page 5

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 1 Chapter One: Introduction The 1960’s were a time of growing dissatisfaction for women. The women of the 60’s had been raised by mothers who had been an essential part of the workforce during World War II. Following the...
    • Page 6

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 2 chauffeured Cub Scouts and Brownies, lay beside her husband at night—she was afraid to ask even of herself the silent question—“Is this all?” (Friedan, 1963, p. 15). Friedan (1963) called this “the problem that has no...
    • Page 16

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 12 "Mommy Party" it conveys weakness, meekness, and whatever other ignominious "-ness" the speaker has in mind. A decade ago, "Mommy Track" expressed contempt for the woman who, opting to interrupt her career to raise children,...
    • Page 40

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 36 Sunday November 10th, the PI was picked up by the next interviewee, Howard Johnson, and driven to his office for a scheduled interview. Mr. Johnson began his radio career in 1964 and has worked as a DJ,...
    • 1914, Oct 8

    • Thurs. Oct. 8, 1914: Plowed out the potatoes, had a little over 2 bu of them, they are very small. hauled a small load of corn Friday 9: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clouds Hauled a load of corn from F. field
    • Page 24

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 20 name or condemn what happened” (p. 270). Without a name, a problem cannot be properly discussed, and any necessary social action is severely hindered. In this light, Betty Friedan (1963) calling the oppression of housewives...
    • Page 46

    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 41 Duiker, W. J., (1994). U.S. Containment Policy and the Conflict in Indochina. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press. Dulles, J. F., (April 12, 1954). Department of State...
    • Page 28

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 24 muted group, but a muted group among women. Droogsma (2007) found that the negative attitudes about the veil are most often spoken by those who have never practiced wearing a veil. When the issue was discussed with American...
    • Page 47

    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 42 Ky, N. C. (2002). How We Lost the Vietnam War. New York: Cooper Square Press. Ky, N. C. & Wolf, M. J., (2002), Buddha’s child: My fight to save Vietnam. New York, NY: St....
    • Page 29

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 25 no longer exist. For example, Crittenden (1999) claimed that working outside the home has become an expectation of women, and calls this expectation the “new problem without a name,” (p. 83). She states that women no longer...
    • Page 10

    • P a g e | 10 CHAPTER 1 Ubuntu Review Globally, man only begins to see his folly, as he restlessly looks around him for a deep need of self-identity. Thus, as technology increases and speedily looms ahead, self-identity wavers and will "allow...


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