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    • Page 450

    • Barbara S t a r r reported on the power situation. In the past, the Federation had thought, in order to make Municipal Power a viable alternative, the community must have the transmission lines as well as the distribution system and the C.P....
    • Page 12

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 13 perceives the sender to have, that the sender is more likely to have an identity shift. This means that he/she will modify his/her next self-presentation to exhibit this attribute, creating a persona that becomes closer...
    • Page 13

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 14 sender provides it, then the receiver is accepting that characterization of the sender. It is Goffman’s belief that these dramatizations are what determine the self (Goffman, 1959). Therefore in CMC, if one wishes to be...
    • Page 62

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 58 Chapter 7: References Abadi, A. (1990). The speech act of apology in political life. Journal of Pragmatics, 14, 467-482. Abelson, R. P. (1959). Modes of resolution of belief dilemmas. Journal of Conflict...
    • Page 91

    • The Human Element 86 Schuetz, E. (1990). Corporate advocacy as argumentation. In Trapp, R. and Schuetz, J. (Ed.) Perspectives on argumentation (pp. 272-284). Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press. Schwartz, S. (1999). A theory of cultural values and...
    • Page 18

    • KUDZU Leadership 19 In a study of the Vroom-Yetton-Jago leadership model, researchers found that the primary reason for the model was “in response to the need to balance the beliefs and characteristics of two distinct approaches to leadership:...
    • Page 20

    • KUDZU Leadership 21 good job attitudes last longer than the negative effects of low attitudes. “Job attitudes are a powerful force and are functionally related to the productivity, stability, and adjustment to the industrial working force”...
    • Page 25

    • KUDZU Leadership 26 turn elsewhere. “The hobby cannot give the complete sense of growth, the sense of striving towards a meaningful goal, that can be found in one’s life work” (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 1959, p. 130). Asked in 2006...
    • Page 26

    • KUDZU Leadership 27 I appreciate a boss wanting to keep a good employee (which of course I am) within his or her work group, but I immediately began the process of “psychologically leaving” (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 1959, p. 88) that...
    • Page 78

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 79 References Chan, M. (2010). The impact of email on collective action: A field application of the SIDE model. New Media & Society, 12(8), 1313-1330. doi:10.1177/1461444810363451 Darley, J. M., & Fazio, R. H. (1980)....
    • Page 40

    • KUDZU Leadership 41 Assignment I hope that everyone is ready and willing to accept an assignment for participation in this meeting. What I am asking you to do is plant and cultivate the roots of your work group Kudzu vines. What I would ask each of...
    • Page 56

    • KUDZU Leadership 57 spectrum, but rather operate on two separate spectrums. Some factors in the workplace operate to create job satisfaction or good feelings about work, while some factors create dissatisfaction or bad feelings about the job....
    • Page 497

    • Grandchildren of Henry Lunt and Ann C. Gower (Wife 111) (m-1) ChiJdren of Jane Gower Lunt (3 Mar 1864 - 3 Jul1952) and W
    • Page 58

    • KUDZU Leadership 59 Hygiene Factors On a different spectrum, Herzberg identified the hygiene factors that exist and make job dissatisfaction a real possibility. The number one factor that can cause people to have bad feelings about their jobs is...
    • Page 499

    • 5. Glendon Black (16 Aug 1911 - 11 Jan 1993) 6. WilliamLuntBlack(l7 Jun 1913- 17 Jan 1977) 7. KiineBlack(8&t 1915 - ) 8. C m a Blaek (9 Nov 1917 - ) 9. Kelly Damell Black (8 Jul 1920 - ) 10. Darlene Black (16 Jun 1922 - ) 11. Myrtle Ann Black (8...
    • Page 59

    • KUDZU Leadership 60 He emphasizes the importance of the work we do. Astutely he keys on the motivating factor of the work itself. We have the responsibility to positively affect the lives of young people and my supervisor makes sure we know that...
    • Page 500

    • 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (iV-5) Garth Stowell Lunt (3 Mar 1918 - ) Waldon JLunt(7 Sep 1919 -27 Mar 1959) Jack Keith Lunt (17 Feb 1921 - ) Elda Lunt (27 Jan 1924 - ) Betty Jo Lunt (25 Sep 1927 - ) Chiidren ofHeaton Lunt (7 Mar 1888 - 19 Sep 1969) and Chlw...
    • Page 63

    • KUDZU Leadership 64 a job well done. The average American worker spends more than 100,000 hours on the job during his/her lifetime (Truell et. al., 1998) and the best leaders provide whatever motivators possible to help those employees grow...


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