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    • Page 184

    • years before and was located in the Knell Bldg. Many of the same people were involved in both the bank and the hlercantile. The bank needed a new building, so they built across the street on the corner, 75 north main, and occupied the southeast...
    • Page 449

    • where he met two officers of insurredonary forces with about 35 men each. They had a signed order fiom General Salazar to seize al1 horses, guns and ammunition from the Amencans residing at that place. One of the officers, Mamfo by name,...
    • Page 458

    • When Martineau returned to Pacheco a month later, the town was a shocking sight. Large pieces of beef and pork lay rotting in the houses and yards and the homes were in a temble condition. There were books, many choice ones, scattered around--many...
    • 1912, Oct 23

    • Wed. Oct. 23, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clds Worked on the fence till noon Started for Lund, came as far as Frank Petty’s sacked peaches till 10 oclock Thursday 24: Ther. Warm Wea. clds. We left Rockville about 9 oclock this morning nooned at...
    • 1912, Nov 6

    • Wed. Nov. 6, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear hauling up the last of the stuff from the upper field Thursday 7: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clds Jim & Will Crawford, W.H. Gifford Orin Ruesch and I started for Kane beds with fruit and sorgum for John Winder...
    • 1912, Nov 20

    • Wed. Nov. 20, 1912: Ther. Cold Wea. clds going south Hauling cane the cane in terribly dry has lost a good deal since I hauled up the three loads before I went to Lund. Thursday 21: Ther. Pleasant. Wea. clear Got up the last of my cane.
    • 1912, May 8

    • Wed. May 8, 1912: Ther. Warm, Wea. Clouds. Sprinkle, Thunder. Plowed and disked some land in father’s field, prepared it for melons, am. Cleaned a little more of the P.C. ditch. Thursday 9: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Ptly cldy Sprinkle eve. Scraping...
    • 1912, May 22

    • Wed. May 22, 1912: Ther. Cool Wea. clouds getting thicker. Finished watering the corn and cane. Worked an hour and a half on the Oakcreek ditch Thursday 23: Ther. Warmer Wea. Clear Watering grain. Cut about an acre of lucern, then worked awhile on...
    • 1912, Mar 27

    • Wed. Mar. 27, 1912: Ther. Cool, Wea. blustery some rain. We are cleaning our lucern seed to take to St. George, to see if we can sell it. Thursday 28: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Few clds We finished fanning the seed and loaded up for St. George.
    • 1912, Mar 13

    • Wed. Mar. 13, 1912: Ther. Rained a good share of the night Squally weather Part of the threshers came up and worked at repairing the Horsepower. Uncle Alf Hall staid here tonight he is one of the crowd. Thursday 14: Ther. Pleasant, Wea. Cleared...
    • 1912, Jun 5

    • Wed. June 5, 1912: Ther. Got the break fixed up and the water in the ditch this afternoon I took the water. Thursday 6: Ther. Watering grain it is terribly dry and hard to water
    • 1912, Jun 19

    • Wed. June 19, 1912: Ther. Hot Wea. Clear Watering in the upper field Thursday 20: Ther. Hot Wea. clouds Windy Watering wheat and corn land Went down and finished raking & piling the hay in the Flanigan field
    • 1912, Jul 31

    • Wed. July 31, 1912: Ther. Cool Wea. Rain Hoed corn for father this forenoon. Went over the river and planted 4 short rows of beans and 3 long rows of sweet corn, got wet, had a heavy shower. Caught 79 squirrels this month. Thursday, Aug. 1: Ther....
    • 1912, Jul 3

    • Wed. July 3, 1912: Ther. Cool Wea. Cloudy drizzle, rain chilly Finished watering cane. Partly put up wire fence at bottom of F. F. land Thursday 4: Ther. Pleasant, Wea. chilly. clouds Watering corn and pumpkins- Finished stretching the wire along...
    • 1912, Jul 17

    • Wed. July 17, 1912: Ther. Hot. Wea. clds We hoed a little more of Father’s corn, then put in the rest of the day on the ditch, didn’t get it finished. Thursday 18: Wea. Raining finished mending the ditch Am. I went to the other field and...
    • 1912, Jan 31

    • Wed. Jan. 31, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Working on the ditch again. Thursday, Feb. 1: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear We got the water thru our new ditch, turned it into the old one just below the flume, a little before night
    • 1912, Jan 3

    • Wed. Jan. 3, 1912: Ther. Very cold. Wea. A few light clouds appeared in the South-W. today. Father, Jim and I are cutting some locust trees on the Sand bottom. Lee DeMill of Manti is at Mother’s tonight. Thursday 4: Ther. Warmer, Wea. Thin clds...


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