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    • A.N. Tollestrup and music school

    • Branch Agricultural College (Cedar City, Utah); Southern Utah University -- History
    • A.N. Tollestrup and music school. Left to right, top back: Arthur Pratt (with Tuba), Alice Leigh Jones, ? Lunt, Thelma Knell, Una Gillies, Laura Gardner (Snow), Evelyn Palmer, Unidentified, May Lunt, Martha Langford, Lorin Higbee, Bert Farnsworth,...
    • Page 25

    • HENRY L U N T HOME 1902 First East and 100 North This home was built on Lot 15 - Block 37 on 'High Street1, Plat IB, Cedar City, Utah. keir daughter, ~ a u d eMatheson (telegrapher) , holding ild, Duayne. To the right are her girls, Violet and...
    • Page 292

    • LUNT HOME Fs East (High Street) and 100 North, Cedar City, Utah it Left to Right: Mary Ann Lunt, Maude Matheson hoTding Duayne, Violet and Ianthe Matheson (twins). This home was built next to the Lunt Hotel and Stage Stop. Note the Western Union...
    • Page 336

    • Now for the ducks and geese. They have large flocks of each, between thirty and forty. They only reckon to kill one themselves, a goose 1 mean, at Christmas, and sell the rest. They will weigh from 1015 pounds each and get 9 pence or eighteen cents...
    • Page 436

    • same age as he was and sometimes people thought they were twins. Heaton was very dark-complexioned and Frank was quite light for a Mexican. At first, Frank worked for fifty cents a day, but eventually worked for room and board and went to school to...
    • Page 442

    • Mary Ann's fourth child, Randle Wilson Lunt manied Catherine Jeanette Gibson and they had eight children. At the age of nineteen he became a stage coach driver on the Milford-St George run and later became a f m e r and livestockman. His first wife...
    • Page 31

    • had to be cleared of sagebl-ush and greasewood. Heavy d r a p were made of tree trunks and poles, and the t~rushwas hurned. T h e plows were made of mountain mahogany and the shares of iron. Often, the land was hard and dry, and water for the...
    • Page 34

    • made hats for the boys out of round pieces of felt, flared out at the bottom and pointed at the top. A trip to Salt Lake City by wagon was a tremendous undertaking for a woman alone, and six sniall children. 'l'here were probably other people...
    • Socotwa text: page 034

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • CREWS Square Shooters: Captain Bill Collett, 709 East 6400 South, Midvale 16, Utah, was a quiet and efficient equipment man. He patched, pieced, and loaned whatever was in need of such work; and found time to lead his crew in vigorous hiking and...
    • Page 43

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 44 no wives. Most of these men expected to be asked by the community leaders to marry another wife sometime in the future. Contraceptives were discouraged because the Work preached that the main purpose of life on earth is to...
    • Page 7

    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 7 with low scores. The orbital-frontal cortex also seems to have some role in psychopathy. Raine, Lencz & Bihrle (2000) found reduced prefrontal white matter in psychopathic individuals. This has led to the...
    • Page 16

    • P a g e | 16 home have the privilege of greeting a delightsome little boy with a peaceful countenance, and a sweet smile. Another example of damaged Ubuntu is Danet who was eight years old, and brought to CWMF after her sickly grandmother tried to...
    • Page 117

    • No pirates no princesses 112 interesting that maybe what you stop appreciating will leave you anyhow. She didn‘t appreciate her body, and it ended up not being there for her. I: Right. She abused it. M: Right. Yeah, that‘s just interesting to...
    • Page 180

    • No pirates no princesses 175 Transcript seven: October 2008, interviewed in person in Fairfax Virginia I: I‘d like to get a little sense of your background. T: I‘m a 1 47 year old white female, married, three children, twins who are 12 and a...
    • Page 181

    • No pirates no princesses 176 T: If you want to sit and fight it all the way it‘ll be five hours. And that seems to be working. Having twins in the same is a real eye opener in terms of having different teachers and different learning styles of...


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